Thursday, November 12, 2015

spk 140

Finished Objects this week:
  • Friendship is Magic Sox: Sesame Street in Muststash Yarn, sz 2.75.  Vanilla Latte stitch motif
  • Reverse City Rollers: Pattern: Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner (Orangeknits on IG); Yarn is a sock blank from Happy Go Lucky yarn, sz 2.75.  Christmas Prezzie for my GrammaBelle!
  • Waiting Room Sox: All I want for Christmas is Who by NeverenoughThyme.  Sz 2.25karbonz
  •  Without a Sound: Pattern by Allie Coffey, handspun from Countess Ablaze, 12 Caesar's Collection: Extravagance & Cruelty, fulled single, sz 6, bag here

Watch me WIP:
  • Superhero Sox: Pattern: Vanilla Latte by Absolute Wonder, yarn is self-striping Daizie Knits circa 2012.  May be a Christmas gift for my dear friend Ernie, sz 2.75 needles, Ploverbag bag
  • Grape's Christmas Socks: Yarn was a gift from a viewer..scratchy wool...but sturdy for my nephew, sz 3.25
  • Reyna by Noora Laivol, Yarn: Lizrrd Toe's Hermie in Saltflats, 675 yds, held double, sz 6, bag: Peazel special by Paul 

  • Wild Goose Shawlette by Paula Emmon-Fuessle in Etheral Fibers RetroRainbow or Sunflower Yarn Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Cawl Me by Allie Coffey in Voolenvine's Holly Jolly
Stash Enhancement:
  • Wonder Woman bag made for me by Peazel! I love him!
  • Peppermint Party kit from Knits and Giggles & Dana of Unwind.
  • My first ever Plucky in CC Bloom
  • Log Cabin 2 Kit from InfiniteTwist
Contest Winner:
  • Joyful Joyful KAL Winners:
    •  FromKersey on Rav: Leslie
    •  AngintheEast: Angela
Pattern give away:
  • Emily of Fibretown has graciously donated a copy of her newest pattern, EstherBelle to be gifted by a viewer.  You have until the Friday after Thanksgiving to enter a chance to win.  Must be a member of the group to participate.
 Contest Updates:
  • A View from the Charles pattern give away is wrapping up on the 15th!
  • Hats for Grammy KAL is ongoing until the end of the year!
Just Keep Knitting:
  • Thank you for dancing with me for my 1st Remission Anniversary!
  • Listening to many podcasts at work!
  • Thank you for your support with the loss of my Production Assistant.

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