Monday, October 14, 2013

Update your feeds & hang on tight

Alright ladybugs and gents, here's the deal:
  • We heard back in June that Blip was changing their Terms of Service and removing "Bobblehead podcasts".  I took steps back then to start looking at a back up plan.
  • The back up plan is over here! 
  • I have asked Blip to please update my feed in their directory since they did not give me an option to upload anything else to give y'all a head's up.  
  • The new RSS feed for SPK is:

  • You can manually add this to Downcast and it will pull down the new feed.  Because I had to change the feed, I had to resubmit the podcast for review to iTunes.  Also, unless Blip is full of it, they should be updating my feed to the new one so that you will hopefully not have to re-subscribe.

What does this mean for you as a viewer?
  • Hopefully not a whole lot because hopefully, you won't have to re-subscribe to SPK.  However, if you are coming to the blog here to watch the new episodes, you're gonna want to update your bookmarks and change it over to the site for SPK
  • I will be posting new episodes of SPK over at Wordpress from here on out.  Feel free to wander around here and watch "Vintage Fru" but Blip is removing my content as of 8 NOV 13 so you may not be able to find a whole lot of stuff after that time. 

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