Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPK 56: Hitch a Rainbow!!!

  • Hitch a Rainbow w/ Fru & Kate is on!!! 
  • We just need 5 more people to have a 300 member give away!!
  • KAL info!  You can almost knit any of Martina Behm's designs if you've already done the HitchHiker!!
  • Won't you join me in Nerd Wars? I'm the co-captain of Team That's What She Said!!
  • I'm spinning w/ Knitabulls in Tour de Fleece.  Info on that is here!
  • Knitabulls Ravelympics is here!! 
  • Mama's Dancin' Dog 
  • Happiness
  • Supergirl  2.2 oz of Tussah Silk/Merino
Stash Enhancement:
  • Rainbow Brite from Gnomeacres on Etsy
  • Grammy's Blanket from Kittenlogic on Etsy
  • Merino Blend from on the round on etsy 
  • Cardio and Lung visits went well
  • got trained in emdr level 1 
April Stashy Pants Winner:
  • Congrats
Go check out A Spinner's Whirled! My fellow South Cacklacky girls! They are awesome!!


  1. Awww..what a purty kittay! :)Silly Fru you are the bestest! MWAH! :) I love ya! :) Fidget turned out sooo cuuute :D *CLAPS HANDS* YAAAAY FOR YOUR HANDSPUN! :D Love the colors of the Grammy's Blanket fiber! :)I'm glad they figured out what was going on with your lungs. YAY! :D Congrats on your Training for EMDR! :D Very cool! :) Aaaand congrats to the April Stashy Pants winner! :D