Tuesday, April 24, 2012

spk 54: Weezy & the WIPS

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We are almost at 300 members! Once we hit 300, I will give away yarn pron!!

  • Daybreak   
  • Bebeh Kea's Aviatrix
  • Paracord Survival Bracelet in the Cotton Candy colorway
Oh lawl, the WIPS:
Stash Enhancement:


  1. I'm just getting into discovering the world of pod casts, knitting ones, of course.
    LOVE yours!!
    I too have asthma and find that the singular is such a great thing. Also, I think you should ask your Dr about Adavair, also an inhaler. It targets the inflammation that causes a lot problems for asthmatics. I've had really good results with it when I'm going through a bad spell like you described in this video.
    Can wait for your next pod cast!

  2. Thanks for podcasting again. i missed your face :)

    your Daybreak is so pretty. and the yarn you used reminds me of a watermelon, or a beautiful flower.

    I have actually gone and downloaded your audio podcasts onto my phone and i'm listening to them when i drive. I am loving them, unfortunately episodes 1-16 weren't on Itunes on my phone, i will have to grab them another way.

  3. Missed you and glad you are baaack1 :) Your Daybreak is beautiful! :) YAAAAY for you! :D Oh wooow! YOur Aviatrix hat is so cute!:) And the Perpetual Sunshine yarn is AWESOME!:)How fun is your paracord survival bracelet. And I'm with you..I don like asking for help either!Woohoo YAY you! For your progress on the Thin Ice :D I have a Feed bag too to hold projects! LOL I got mine somewhere else but I love it! :D I love your blue colored one. Mine is Green and white and has a barn on it :D Awww..the baby owl puffs are sweet :)Sorries you are dealing with the Wheezies. I hope they find something for ya that works so you can exercise like you'd like to! :) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! :D