Monday, March 19, 2012

spk 52: monster mayhem

Here is my podcast assistant:

Put your pics up in the March StashyPants Thread

  • Oliva
  • Zombeh
  • Chelsea the Chatterbox (but I gifted her before I got her stats & snapshot for the project page on Rav)
  • Baldwin
  • Little bit of work on No More Tears by Erin Walsh
  • Superman Sox will be done this week!
  • Combat Carebear's Cluster Crochet Blanket is going to take me forever
  • Thin Ice got some love!
SPLASH: (into the FROG Pond)
  • Hermonie's Every Day socks frogged, the yarn pron will be a Clapotis
  • La Vie de Bois into the pond b/c I want a different color
  • The Daybreak frogged b/c the colors aren't me and I want a smaller size and different color
  • Leyburn sox frogged b/c the sock yarn was too busy for the pattern
Misadventures of Sillyfru:
  • One should NOT throw kettlebells when they are tired. Just sayin'!

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