Tuesday, March 6, 2012

spk 51: i made this for you b/c I love you

spk 51: I made this for you b/c I love you

  • March Stashy Pants Thread is up
  • Olivia, the Audacious Monster on Addi Turbo sz 7 in Knitcol  Trends #43
  • Superman sox that I almost ruined by mangling the yarnz by Spinningfates in the Superman & Lois Lane on sz 2 Chiagoo Red Lace
  • Crocheted Baby Blanket goodness in Bernat's Handicrafter cotton on sz H hook for my great niece
Stash Enhancement:
Misadventures of Fru:
  • Set personal record of single hand snatching 35.2 lb on each side in kettlebells
  • I have to pay Uncle Sam $$
Congrats to February Stashy Pants Contest Winner!
  • PM me so I can get your pattern goodness! 

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  1. Totally agree with you about making things for people you love. For a lot of reasons, handmade items are too special for everyone who asks. I've learned to say no kindly.
    Loved seeing Bebeh kitty!