Tuesday, January 24, 2012

spk 47: I (heart) y'all SOO Hard!!


Lots of Thanks to give this week!!
Thank you to: Halfbaked KnitWit and AtomikJen for the iTunes LOVE

Birfday Pattern love from:
Play with Color: Breaking Hearts sock pattern from Turtlegirl76
Sadie: Gooddale by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Mim58: Penelope the Empathetic Monster by Rebecca Danger
ElizabethMD: Cria by Ysolda Teague
HalfbakedKnitWit: MochiMochiElves by MochiMochiLand
Knittinwolf: Gretta the Captivating Cat by Rebecca Danger
Texaspurlgirl: Olivia the Audacious Monster by Rebecca Danger
Epic1313: Holly, Ivy & Steve the Holiday Hooligans Monsters by Rebecca Danger
SockBunny: The LightHouse Keeper's Wife by Melissa Schaschwary

Blog love:
Thank you sweet Tena for the wonderful note posted on my blog!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me a PM and wish me a happy birfday!

Thank you to everyone who has joined the group and who has decided to follow me on Plurk!!

Before I forget, you have a week and some change to add your FO's to the January StashyPants Thread. I'll draw a winner from Random Number Generator and the winner gets a $5.00 pattern of their choice from Rav!

Snuggles Project:

Sweater FAIL again!!
Life is too short to knit stuff that hurts your hands! I ripped out the Shalom and went stash diving to be reminded of the awesome MarrHaven Ramboulet I won at CampKIP. With the help of CoggieTM, I'm doing the Tappan Zee.

Thin Ice: Life is too short to work with dull needles!!

Birfday Socks: Progress Progress

New on the needles: Krause's Sox in WalkingWisti, Two at a Time, vanilla goodness with an afterthought heel, for the win!

Big Plans: Mittens for me Mystery KAL by LaLa of the Knitgirllls starts sooon!

FO: Snuggles 1 and 2

Junk in da Trunk:
It is the courage to continue that counts - Winston Churchhill

What's your name?!
Awesome birfday yarn pron from the beautiful Erin (aka KnittingRN)
Also, I placed an order for better pointy stix at this place!

A gift away!!:
To pay forward the generosity of so many of my views and to celebrate the boom in group membership, I am giving away my KnitPicks Pattern booklet and a skein of KnitPicks Sock Yarn! Go to the thread and post! Contest starts now and ends on 2/6/12!

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