Saturday, January 30, 2016

spk 147: Ten Dollar Granny

Show Notes:

Thank yous:
  • ChristianCrafter sent me a glorious Make it Work hat from the FruJu colorway.  I love it!
  • Ecken and Kaken gifted to me from Mimers 
  • One Love gifted to me from CaroilnaSpinner
Finished Objects:
  • Finished Baby Garter Earflap hat by Purlbee from Purl Soho.  Yarn is left over Peepaloo Fields in the colorway Tickled on her DK base.
  • Finished Spinning: UrbanGypz Little Bursts of Happy on merino/tencel base.  222 yds of a two ply.
Works in Progress:
  • Ten dollar Granny: Granny square from chenille yarn from  It was a dollar a ball, y'all.  I've got 10 balls o' chenile yarn goodness.
  • After the Storm Endless Rainbow: Endless Rainbow by martina behm, yarn is an Endless Rainbow kit from Heather of Highland Handmades 
  • Milo for a sweet baby girl out of heavily marinated DK Sirdar Snuggly.  Milo is by Georgie Hallam.
When Knitting attacks:
  • Slippers by Biscotte are in time out.  It's not the pattern; it's me. 
Imagineknitting or coming soon...or what I want to knit right now:
  • Foolproof by Louise Zass Bingham out of my Captain Tightpants handspun
  •  chai hat from the Tea Collection
  • A washcloth for Sr. Love along
A box o' stash:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

spk 146: 39

SPK 146: 39

Thank you for sharing part of my birthday with me!

Finished Objects:
  • A Blue View from the Charles by Jennifer Lassonde, Project page with yarn details is here
  • Cancer-kickin Barley by Tin can knits; details on the project are here
  • Every Day I fight, Every Day Brew by Clare Devine
  • Granny Square Scrap blanket
Coming soon:
  • Asbury Park KAL hosted by iknit2purl2, which will be used for SPKDHTP and SPKKNITYOBAWLS, KAL begins on 1 FEB, in my Twist Fiber Studio bag
  • Garter Baby Ear Flap hat by Purl Soho and Milo by Georgie Hallam for a friend's coming baby girl
Stash Enhancement:
  • Handspun from the lovely Allie!

Friday, January 8, 2016

spk 145: Big Steps in 2016

Finished Objects:
  • Gallatin Scarf by Kris Basta out of my Highland Handmade's handspun in the Prism colorway.  I ran out of yarn and used some Prism on HH White Ash Worsted which saved the day!  I finished this as the first official FO for the #SPKDHTP or #donthoardtheprecious yearlong KAL.  I used size 7 needles.  I had plenty of yarn left over (or so I thought) so I did a few more repeats until I lost at yarn chicken.  It's a free download on Ravelry.
  • Friends of the Forest Sox: I finished my Christmas Eve cast on with LittleBobbins Knits Podcast.  I used my addi sock rockets in 2.5, yarn is Friends of the Forest on Highland Handmades Striped Maple Sock.  I did a fish lips kiss heel on both and did a twisted rib cuff.

  • I am participating in the CTA Spin the Bin 2016 and the Caffeinated Knitting Spin along.  I finished my Hobbledehoy Heart of Gold battlings and Twist Fiber Studio batt to create 266 yds of a glorious 2 ply.  I've noticed that my default spinning method is moving closer and closer to long draw. 
  • I'm currently spinning Little Bursts of Happiness from UrbanGypz
Down the Rabbit hole:
  • Where I yammer about finishing Miss Fischer, and Broadchurch and discover Sherlock
#Operationbindoff and Clean Slate Challenge Update:
  • I frogged my Loony friends b/c I want to use the yarn to knit Adama by Hilary Smith Callis
  • I want to knit the Loony Friends hat in my knittyandcolor handspun in Ain't it Fun 
  • I want to use my handspun for Mrsshoo's Knitspiration KAL.  Her group is Cultivate and Create and can be found here
  • I picked up my Endless Rainbow and knit a section of orange from the recommendation of a view.  It signifies my recovery from Hairy Cell Leukemia.
 Watch me Wip:
  • Emo Unicorn Sox on 2.5 needles.  yarn is Emo Unicorn from Yarn vs. Zombies in her Damsel base.
  • Restarted on my View from the Charles.  I got on the wrong side and the piece looked more like a boomerang instead of a triangle.
Stash Enhancement:
  • Dragonfly Fibers in Djinni Sock in Azalea
  • High Roller
  • Fatcat Knits in Child's Play Gradient
 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
  • Hats for Grammy Winner: Greenemel aka Melanie
  • Holly Jolly Y'all KAL: Phoenixfire aka Tracy

Thursday, December 31, 2015

SPK 144: Joyfully Content

KAL's ending soon:
  • Hats for Grammy FO thread will be locked on 1/1/16.  Winner of that KAL will receive a skein of yarn.
  • Holly Jolly Y'all KAL FO thread will be locked on 1/1/16.  Winner of that KAL will receive a skein of yarn.
  • Cattywampus out of handspun from Dana of Unwind.  Fiber is Tricks for Treats by Spun Right Round.  Cattywampus is by Elizabeth Green Musselman.  Needle size 7.  No mods.
  • Just for you Two by Laura Aylor.  Advent KAL that was wonderfully relaxed.  Less than an hour a night.  Needle size 10.  Yarn: Unwind Yarn Company, Wanderlust Worsted in the Highlands Colorway held double.
  • Danetta's Little Bird: Blue Bird of Happiness pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner out of green acrylic from my Gram's stash.
  • Spired MKAL: Spired pattern by Josh Rhyks.  Needle size 9 and 11.  Yarn is Three Irish Girls in the Teague, Teague Yellow, and Teague Blue, Carys BFL base.  No mods.  Tricky but enjoyable knit.
Misadventures of Fru:
  • Occupational Therapy for tendinitis of my left forefinger and thumb is going swimmingly and I'm officially released to resume activities as long as I stretch, lots.  
Watch me Wip:
  • Friends of the Forest Sox: Casted on along with LittleBobbinsKnits Christmas Eve socks cast on.  Yarn is Friends of the Forest by Highland Handmade's Striped Maple Sock.  In my GirlCaveBags matching bag, size 2.75 Addi Sock Rockets.  Twisted Rib for the cuff.  Needle holder by Nomeknitter on etsy.
  • #Knityobawls January project: The View from the Charles by Jennifer Lassonde.  Using Dyeabolical Tenacious Sock in the Wild Blue Yonder colorway and Unwind Yarn Company Journey Sock in the More than Words colorway, held double.  I started with the Great Divide Pattern and realized quickly that the yarn was just not having it. 
  • Casted on my Bifrost kit from Infinite Twist.  It's prolly going to be done in time for the 2017 Rainbowalong.  Bifrost is riding around in my Unicorn Rainbow bag by Absolute Wonder.
#operationbindoff or #cleanslatechallenge:
  • Pulling my Loony Friends Hat out of hibernation
  • Pulling my Thunderstorm MKAL out of hibernation
  • On the fence about the Rainbow Alber's Cowl
  • Even more on the fence about the Endless Rainbow kit
What I crafted in 2015:
  • 61 Finished objects.
  • 7 pairs of sox
  • 9 Finished Objects out of Handspun
  • 16 Finished Objects were gifted
  • 29 Finished Objects were out of stash that was circa 2014 or older.  
  • What's your word for 2016?  Mine is Joyfully Content

Saturday, December 12, 2015

spk 143: Punchypants Knitter Presents: #Knityobawls

Finished Objects:
  • Cawl Me by Allie Coffey, yarn: Holly Jolly by Voolenvine, size 7 needles, no mods.
  • Monkey! by NeedleNoodles, yarn: left over acrylic, H hook
Finished Spinning:
  • FatCatKnits in the Boogaloo colorway.  190 yards of a 2 ply. It will be 198 yds of Heaven by Christy Verity, a free download on Ravelry.
Watch Me Wip:
  • Cattywampus by Elizabeth Green Musselman, Yarn: Handspun gifted to me from Dana of Unwind, riding around in my 'staching throught he snow bag from Sew for Ewe by Courtney, sz 7 needles, no mods
  • Jingle Sox: Standard sock pattern, Jingle colorway of Knitpicks Felicia, size 2.5 KnitPro Zing, riding around in my KnittyKitty mitten bag
  • Cozy Memories Blanket: Memory blanket by Georgie Hallam, mods: casting on 60 stitches
  • Hats for Grammy is still ongoing.  Ends on 12/31/15.  Hats were blessed the Sunday service after Thanksgiving.  Winner will get skeins of KnitPicks felici in the 'Glacier' colorway.
  • Holly Jolly y'all KAL: Ongoing until the end of the year.  Knit the Cawl Me pattern; winner will receive a project bag from Rachel, formerly of the of Knit Me Happy podcast.  Hastag: #HollyjollyyallKAL
  • Don't Hoard the Precious: Start the year or start now and knit the things that you've told you're self they are just too precious to knit or is too short to not make beautiful things.  Hashtag: SPKDHTP
  • Announcing the #knityobawls KAL.  Take your yarn that you have caked up..and knit it up!  Monthly color themes announced.  There will be prizes. 
Good Heavens the Stash:
  • LYDIA Yarn, Cuddle in the Caribbean queen: will be the 30 round rasta hat by Dark Matter Knits, and the Rockford cowl by Orangejellyfishdreams
  • LYDIA Yarn: Bliss Aran in the woodland creature colorway.
  • LYDIA Yarn: Bliss in the I Pledge Allegiance colorway
  • Rock and String Creations Super Sock in the Miss Congeniality colorway
  • Never Enough Thyme in the After the Storm colorway, will be a sockhead for the Rainbow along that Suburban Stitcher will be hosting in February
  • Nicole Mendez self striping
  • Highland Handmades Woodland Friends kit
  • Narwhal bag by FatSquirrel Fibers
  • Marlies by Happystitches from the AF3 club 
  • Bugga from the Sanguine Gryphon in the Tomato Frog colorway.
The kindness of others:
  • Bluegrass Bags and More
  • #getyouryarnwishesgranted 
Random mentions:
  • New season of Series is awesome but hard to listen to as a former military behavioral health provider
  • Go check out and read the Bible with me every year!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

spk 142: Holly Jolly Y'all KAL

Finished objects this week:
  • Barley by Tincanknits.  Drink! Yarn is Unwind Yarn Company in the Wanderlust Worsted in the 'Highland' Colorway.  A gift for my trainer!
Watch me Wip:
  • Jingle Sox: Knitpicks Felici Sock yarn in the 'Jingle' colorway.  Riding around in my Knittykittybag, on my Knitpro Zing 2.5
  • Precious Kattywampus: Spunrightround handspun gifted to me by Dana.  Pattern is the Cattywampus hat by Elizabeth Green Musselman, got from the IndiGiftalong.  Riding around in my Sewforewe bag by Courtney.
  • Super secret project for the hubs: Monkey from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden aka NeedleNoodles.

  Stash enhancement:
  • Starlight, Starbright sock blank by Gale's Art
  • Trunkless Elephants from Dana of Unwind.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
  • Congratulations to Artieknits, Artie on Rav for winning the EstherBelle Shawl from Emily of Fibretown. 
Holly Jolly Y'all KAL:
  • Cawl Me pattern by Allie Coffey
  • Yarn that is either festive or you like
  • Cast on 1 DEC, finish by 12/31/15.
  • Post in the FO thread and win a prize

Saturday, November 21, 2015

spk 141: Adulting & Anniversaries

Finished Objects this week!
  • GooberGrape's Christmas Sox: Hardy wool blend that was given to me by a viewer.  Started as two at a time and then transitioned to one at a time.  Size 3 Inox needles.  
  • Tangled Lights: Quaker Yarn Stretcher Rectangle by Susan Ashcroft.  Size 7 needles, Leading Men Fiber Arts Handspun in Tangled Tree Lights.  238 yds of a 2 ply.
  • Superhero Sox: BFL Sockyarn by DaizieKnits, riding around in my Ploverbird bag, on sz 2.75 sock rockets.
  •  Grandmother's favorite dishcloth for the Senior Love Along, hosted by Amy of Hudson Valley Knits
Watch me Wip:
  • Still working on Reyna
    Stash Enhancement:
    • Lovelies are en route from  GalesArt, & Highland Handmades!
    • Themyscira by Dyeabolical.
    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
    • Winner of The View from the Charles pattern generously donated by BostonJen of Downcellar Studio is Lisa911, Lisa on Ravelry.  Send me a PM so I can get your name over to Jen! 
    Ongoing Pattern Giveaway:
    • Esther Belle Shawl give away by Emily of Fibretown ends the Friday after Thanksgiving.
     New to me podcast:
    • Phoenixfire told me how to watch youtube podcasts double time while we were at Into the Wool
    • The Homecorner by Karen Elizabeth on Ravelry.  Video podcast on youtube.
    • Vendor sign ups for Into the Wool 2016 end on the 27th of November.  The retreat will be at Lake Frances Retreat Center in Crossville, TN from 1-4 September 2016, coordinated by Dana of Unwind and Just One More Row, Ashley of Twist Fiber Studio and Twisted Stitched podcast, Allie of Needs More Purple Designs and Caffeinated Knitting podcast, and yours truly.
    • Don't hoard the Precious KAL 2016: Do you have handspun or a precious skein of yarn that you are afraid to knit with?  2016 will be the year of knitting the precious!  Every month, I'll have a DHTP thread for you to post your FO and be eligible for prizes.  I've got plenty of yarn to gift, and have been contacted by viewers for giveaways.  Even if you don't hand spin, you can participate! 
    • ShedGate & Possum Showdown.  For serious.
    • Nuwave & Dishwasher 
    • Christmas shopping