Saturday, November 21, 2015

spk 141: Adulting & Anniversaries

Finished Objects this week!
  • GooberGrape's Christmas Sox: Hardy wool blend that was given to me by a viewer.  Started as two at a time and then transitioned to one at a time.  Size 3 Inox needles.  
  • Tangled Lights: Quaker Yarn Stretcher Rectangle by Susan Ashcroft.  Size 7 needles, Leading Men Fiber Arts Handspun in Tangled Tree Lights.  238 yds of a 2 ply.
  • Superhero Sox: BFL Sockyarn by DaizieKnits, riding around in my Ploverbird bag, on sz 2.75 sock rockets.
  •  Grandmother's favorite dishcloth for the Senior Love Along, hosted by Amy of Hudson Valley Knits
Watch me Wip:
  • Still working on Reyna
    Stash Enhancement:
    • Lovelies are en route from  GalesArt, & Highland Handmades!
    • Themyscira by Dyeabolical.
    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
    • Winner of The View from the Charles pattern generously donated by BostonJen of Downcellar Studio is Lisa911, Lisa on Ravelry.  Send me a PM so I can get your name over to Jen! 
    Ongoing Pattern Giveaway:
    • Esther Belle Shawl give away by Emily of Fibretown ends the Friday after Thanksgiving.
     New to me podcast:
    • Phoenixfire told me how to watch youtube podcasts double time while we were at Into the Wool
    • The Homecorner by Karen Elizabeth on Ravelry.  Video podcast on youtube.
    • Vendor sign ups for Into the Wool 2016 end on the 27th of November.  The retreat will be at Lake Frances Retreat Center in Crossville, TN from 1-4 September 2016, coordinated by Dana of Unwind and Just One More Row, Ashley of Twist Fiber Studio and Twisted Stitched podcast, Allie of Needs More Purple Designs and Caffeinated Knitting podcast, and yours truly.
    • Don't hoard the Precious KAL 2016: Do you have handspun or a precious skein of yarn that you are afraid to knit with?  2016 will be the year of knitting the precious!  Every month, I'll have a DHTP thread for you to post your FO and be eligible for prizes.  I've got plenty of yarn to gift, and have been contacted by viewers for giveaways.  Even if you don't hand spin, you can participate! 
    • ShedGate & Possum Showdown.  For serious.
    • Nuwave & Dishwasher 
    • Christmas shopping

    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    spk 140

    Finished Objects this week:
    • Friendship is Magic Sox: Sesame Street in Muststash Yarn, sz 2.75.  Vanilla Latte stitch motif
    • Reverse City Rollers: Pattern: Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner (Orangeknits on IG); Yarn is a sock blank from Happy Go Lucky yarn, sz 2.75.  Christmas Prezzie for my GrammaBelle!
    • Waiting Room Sox: All I want for Christmas is Who by NeverenoughThyme.  Sz 2.25karbonz
    •  Without a Sound: Pattern by Allie Coffey, handspun from Countess Ablaze, 12 Caesar's Collection: Extravagance & Cruelty, fulled single, sz 6, bag here

    Watch me WIP:
    • Superhero Sox: Pattern: Vanilla Latte by Absolute Wonder, yarn is self-striping Daizie Knits circa 2012.  May be a Christmas gift for my dear friend Ernie, sz 2.75 needles, Ploverbag bag
    • Grape's Christmas Socks: Yarn was a gift from a viewer..scratchy wool...but sturdy for my nephew, sz 3.25
    • Reyna by Noora Laivol, Yarn: Lizrrd Toe's Hermie in Saltflats, 675 yds, held double, sz 6, bag: Peazel special by Paul 

    • Wild Goose Shawlette by Paula Emmon-Fuessle in Etheral Fibers RetroRainbow or Sunflower Yarn Chocolate Easter Bunny
    • Cawl Me by Allie Coffey in Voolenvine's Holly Jolly
    Stash Enhancement:
    • Wonder Woman bag made for me by Peazel! I love him!
    • Peppermint Party kit from Knits and Giggles & Dana of Unwind.
    • My first ever Plucky in CC Bloom
    • Log Cabin 2 Kit from InfiniteTwist
    Contest Winner:
    • Joyful Joyful KAL Winners:
      •  FromKersey on Rav: Leslie
      •  AngintheEast: Angela
    Pattern give away:
    • Emily of Fibretown has graciously donated a copy of her newest pattern, EstherBelle to be gifted by a viewer.  You have until the Friday after Thanksgiving to enter a chance to win.  Must be a member of the group to participate.
     Contest Updates:
    • A View from the Charles pattern give away is wrapping up on the 15th!
    • Hats for Grammy KAL is ongoing until the end of the year!
    Just Keep Knitting:
    • Thank you for dancing with me for my 1st Remission Anniversary!
    • Listening to many podcasts at work!
    • Thank you for your support with the loss of my Production Assistant.

    Saturday, October 17, 2015

    spk 138: hope floats

    1000 year flood, stash, wips, and FOs.
    Hats for Grammy and a pattern give away!